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Tips That Will Help You Manage Third Party Healthcare Vendor Security Risks

Majority of the healthcare organizations in establishment today share a misconception that having diligent staff members and professionals as well as highly elevated security programs keeps their data or healthcare information safe and secure. It is deeming fitting for the organization to do all that but when they bring in third party healthcare vendors, the process becomes more complex and breaching becomes a possibility. Well, there are manifold third-party healthcare vendors and they tend to act differently and you can never tell who is reckless and who is competent enough as far as safeguarding electronic protected health information is concerned. This will ultimately make the process of dealing and managing these vendors quite difficult and overly hassling. This article presents some of the strategies and guidelines that you need to employ in order to manage all security risks that might emanate from these third party healthcare vendors.

First, endeavor to keep the security measures employed by the vendor known to you through assessments. Therefore, ensure to subject these vendors into a regular security assessment. Whenever you get to assess the vendors, you will manage to acknowledge the security control measures or programs that they have employed in their line of operations. You will only benefit from this effort when you keep the assessment ongoing and regular. Have the facts garnered from the assessment updated whenever you assess the vendor.

Every vendor ought to have their written security procedures as well as policies. A vendor must always have a clearly derived and defined tasks and steps on how they will uphold the security necessitated in this industry. The vendor’s written security policies, procedures, steps and tasks eye at protecting the health information protected electronically and you need to examine these measures and understand whether they have the potential to attract the wanted or necessitated outcomes. Mistakes and misalignments must be avoided by all means possible and that’s why you need to examine these policies. Your organization has standards and you need to understand these standards and examine whether the company and their written security policies are in line with the standards.

Finally, you should capitalize and prioritize on data encryption by all means possible. Healthcare information and data is sensitive and you need to ensure that the vendors have secured the data they have in their laptops and computers or hard drives through encryption. Through data encryption, unauthorized persons experiences hardships reading the data and they will always necessitate a password or a key in order to read it. Data encryption is a method that is used by many organizations today. The passwords that the vendors have obtained as well as the keys must be encrypted and strong by all means possible.

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