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Tips on Accent Reduction

If you are a non-native English or a regionally accented speaker, at times, you would like to be assisted so that you can improve on the clarity of your spoken messages. It is possible, and you can find the services of an accent reduction coach who has the skills to tell you which sounds and the patterns that you are currently using that are contributing to you having an accent. Working with the right accent coach is helpful so that you can focus on the main areas that are a problem for you, and also, the coach is going to help you in learning the patterns and the sounds of spoken English.

Many people from different fields are finding ways that they can improve on their American English accent pronunciation and then reduce their accents. Some of these professionals include nurses, doctors, business people, clergy, engineers, professors, center employees, among others. Speaking English clearly is important so that you are able to communicate more effectively when you are dealing with customers, colleagues, friends, and business associates.

Some people are learning to read, write, and speak English while in their native country. There are chances that your reading writing, and also your grammar is excellent. But on the other hand, you would notice that your spoken English is accented and when you speak, people don’t always understand. This prevents your listeners from understanding you, which can cause breakdowns in communication and frustrations. You can work on your accent so that you can sound clearer and comprehensive.
Use the tips given below so that you can increase your listeners’ ability to understand spoken communication. You can listen to books on tape. If you are planning for a next read, instead of reading, listen to tape rather than perusing through the pages. When you listen to the book aurally, this can be a perfect opportunity to listen to the speakers, communicate in American English, this is mostly because this is customary the language for books on tape. You should pay close attention to the rhythm, stress, and intonation of the book speaker. This is helpful so that you can modify your speaking habits.

The other option is for you to speak slowly. There are times that the speaker can have an increased rate of speech. The chances are that the speaker will reduce the intelligibility or the ability for people to understand when they speak. When you want to modify, your accent patterns learn to slow rate your speech because this will help you with the proper pronunciation of your words, and this another way that you can improve the chances of being understood.

You can make it a habit of recording yourself and then listen to how you speak. By doing so, you can raise awareness of your accented speech patterns. You will also use this chance to monitor your progress with time, especially when you are working with a personal coach for accent reduction training. You will also be able to compare your accent with that of your trainer and get to notice the difference and where you need to improve.

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