Best online games

I like to play online games in my free time, over the years I have made a list with games that I like the most.

These games are great for an hour of fun, but also can be played for a few minutes in between to kill time. Did you know that playing games for a short amount of time helps with your productivity? 

My top list:

  1. Slither.IO is more then just a snake game, this is massive multiplayer snake action! Grow your snake by eating pallets, when you touch an other player you are dead and they can eat you. Eat other dead player to grow quick and master the top list!
  2. Bubble shooter
    This is a old time classic bubble shooting game, shoot 3 or more bubbles to make them go away, you win if all bubbles are gone. This is a highly addictive mini game that would be nr 1 if slither didn’t excist.
  3. Wonderputt
    An online mini putt game, need I to say more? Put that golf balls to win. An old time classic!
  4. Game of Bombs
    An bomberman remake online, with real opponents in a multiplayer environment. Blow up your enemies to rank up.
  5. Wolfenstein 3D
    Yes you can play this classic game online, go back to the 80s and shoot those monsters.

This is just my list of games that I like to play in my free time. Please post your favorite game in the comments!